SINCA online #1 for 2021


2021年第1回 SINCA online session





 3-4人くらいからなる小グループを構成します。それぞれのグループでは 、一人がメディアの役割をして、もう一人のメンバーにインタビューをします。質問は新年らしく?「今年のNew Year Resolutionは何ですか?とか、どんな実行計画を持っていますか?」などで良いと思います。回答があった後、インタビューする人は、さらに深く突っ込んだ質問を繰り返します。その後、役割を逆にして、インタビューされた人がインタビューをします。




SINCA online session #1 2021 「質問する・される力をますロールプレイ」

日時: 1月17日(日)夜8時から


2.定員40名。先着により申込を締め切らせて戴きます。 定員に達した場合はご容赦ください。  
3.セッション中の様子を写真・動画で撮影いたします。後日、 セミナーレポート等に活用する可能性があります。 ご了承ください

SINCA online session # 1 for 2021

“Developing interview/questioning skills by role play?”

Sunday, Jan. 17, at 8:00 pm

 We have done 15 sessions of SINCA online in the year 2020, covering a variety of topics. What we would like to try this year, is to change the context, with “role play”. As a starter, why not try to be an interviewer?

 Many of us may not get the opportunity to be interviewed by media people, though we may have some experience of job interviews. Interviewing skills (asking probing questions) is very important for many purposes, and yet, we have few opportunities to learn how to do it. Being interviewed and responding to probing questions is also important.

So at our next session, First in 2021, we would like to try “Role play of interviewing/probing questions” in breakout groups. We will form several breakout groups each consist of 3-4 people or so. One of the members plays a role of media, asking questions the other member of the group. Questions could be related to the new year such as “What is your New Year Resolution for this year? What is your plan of action?” for example. After the respondent replied, the interviewer asks more questions to go deep. Each section with the pair last for 7-10 minutes. The role will reverse iso that everybody can play both interviewer and interviewee.

Depending upon the number of participants, we can try two rounds of two pairs.
After this role play in small breakout groups, we will have general discussion with all the participants as to findings and lessons.

Details are as follows:

SINCA online session #1 2021 “Role play to develop questioning/being questioned skills.”

Date & time: Sunday, Jan. 17 at 8 pm.

We will inform zoom link to those who register through peatix.

1.All session will be conducted in English.
2.The maximum number of participants are 40, so if the total numbers of applicants exceed 40, we cannot accept the application.
3.We will take the pictures and video throughout session, and we may use it on SNS or HP.

Sun Jan 17, 2021
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM JST
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